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I'm João Beraldo, Lead Game Designer of the Assassin's Creed Brand.

During the last 20 years, I have worked in different areas of Design, from Systems to Narrative, Level Desigh and Economy.

Here you can find a few of my more relevant works.

Please, access the submenu for more detailed information on specific games and what I did on each of them

Thank you!

Principais jogos

Assassin's Creed Mirage

Genre: Action Adventure
Engine: Anvil

Platforms: PC, Consoles

Release date: October 2023

Role: Senior Game Designer

  • Pitched, Designed and Balanced all of the player's tools

  • Designed 8 upgrades for each tool, and the effects of combining them

  • Designed AI reactions and environment effects

  • Lead a multidisciplinary team in two different countries


Genre: Action MMORPG, Third-Person
Engine: Unity

Platforms: PC

Release date: TBA

Role: Lead Game Designer

  • Defined the Game Vision with the CEO

  • Designed Dynamic Content Systems (levels, Encounters, Quests)

  • Created the IP based on original art

  • Prototyped various game mechanics

  • Designed new levels, items and creatures for the pre-alpha

  • Built the game design team from scratch

  • Helped define the roadmap and workflows with other teams

Taikodom: Living Universe

Genre: Space Sim MMO
Engine: Unity

Platforms: PC

Release date: 2012

Role: Lead Game Designer

  • Designed AI, Quest and Dynamic Encounter content

  • Designed many levels

  • Worked with the Art team to create dozens of characters and ships

  • Lead a Team of 8 Game Designers of various specialties

Taikodom: Consortium

Genre: Space Sim MMO
Engine: Proprietary Engine

Platforms: PC

Release date: 2008

Role: Lead Content Designer

  • Designed the IP

  • Created 200+ quests and characters

  • Designed many levels

  • Written two companion Novels

  • Lead a Team of 4 Content Designers


Genre: Hyper VR Puzzler
Engine: Unity

Platforms: Location-based

Release date: 2017

Role: Senior Game Designer

  • Designed the Puzzles and levels based on a prototype

  • Created the IP

  • Written Dialogue and worked with voice actors


Genre: VR Adventure
Engine: Unity

Platforms: Gear VR

Release date: 2017

Role: Senior Game Writer

  • Co-Created the IP

  • Written Dialogue

  • Designed some of the Puzzles


Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Engine: Unity

Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch

Release date: 2018

Role: Level Designer

  • Created some Levels

  • Designed some mechanics

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