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During Profane's Alpha tests, I created a dynamic event system that would lead players in a treasure hunt and four powerful bosses, with the last been a secret for players to discover.

Every few hours, a submerged labirynth would spawn somewhere underwater. Corridors changes position, and so did it's traps. A sirens' song guided the players to it. Inside, a "heart" that would allow players to summon the boss anywhere.

Each boss had it's own particularities:

  • Ice would charge ranged enemies with a freezing cone that slowed enemies, then savagely attack at close range.

  • Poison would randomly throw ranged shots that left presistent pools of poison that changed the landspace, and a poison blast on engaging in melee

  • Fire would attack high DPS players at range, and change the environment with sudden fire cyclones.

Unknown to the players, an NPC moved around the world on an old ship. If given all three hearts, she would turn than into the item needed to summon a fourth, more powerful boss:

  • The Titan's behavior would change depending on how it was been attacked

  • Teleporting on top of ranged attackers

  • Summoning ice cyclones to slow down nearby enemies

  • Spilling waves of persistent poison if taking too much damage

Each boss could be summoned in any location, leading players to learn how to use them to attack other guilds and PVE locations.

I designed this creature and encounter for the prealpha version the MMORPG Profane as it's first world boss.

Con Hit was prototyped internally, then added to closed alpha as seen on the footage made by one of the game's clans.

Data gathered from Pre Alpha was used to adjust the creature as well as inform on other world bosses creation.

  • During the night, players would see dust trails in the desert.

  • If they dropped a special kind of fruit in the area, all trails suddenly disappear, then the creature bursts out of the sand.

  • There were three stages to Con Hit:

    • At full health, Con Hit attacks with a melee bite, then sinks underground, chases and bursts out under the ranged enemy with high aggro

    • At 75% health, between bite attacks Con Hit releases one flying minion per engaged enemy. The minion can be killed, but explodes upon death or contact

    • At 40% health, Con Hit replaces bite attacks with a ranged spit attack at random ranged targets, leaving a lasting pool of acid damage that alters the battlefield

    • On death, Con Hit doesn't drop equipment, but the main ingredients of two of the game's most powerful consumables: explosive potions and explosive arrows.

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